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Founded in 2007 by some Chin youth journalists in Rangoon, Fidi Group aims to promote and protect our Chin literature, culture and rights to information among Chins, to aware political, social, economic and environmental issues and conduct trainings on capacity awareness building. Since then, the group had been collecting Chin youths’ Emails who are interested in promoting Chin dialects and culture within inside and outside the country and created ‘Google Group’ as a platform which means to share information on scholarship opportunities, job opportunities and discuss any Chin related issues via social network.

The Chinland Post cu Fidi Group nih ngeihmi Thawngzamh lei riantuannak bu pakhat a si. Fidi Phu (atu Fidi Foundation) cu Kum 2007 ah ramchung ramleng mino pawl ipehtlainak, ruahnak i cheuhnak le thawngpang i thanh caah dirhmi a rak si. Ramchung le ramleng mino, a bikin ca le holh lei a zuammi hna lungtlinnak he 2009 October ah 'Fidi Biazai' timi Cauk rak chuah a si. Hi biazai cauk hi Laitlai tuanbia ah thangthar mino biazai an tialnak kutzung tamcem zong a si. 

Article (32) Code of Ethics of The Chinland Post(I-ralring ding le zulhphung)

Hi iralring ding le zulhphung hi the Chinland Post nih Feb 1, 2013 thawk in kan cohlan, kan hnatla mi a si.